Supply of Quality Medicine Transparent Drug Procurement Procedure Upto Date Medicine Inventory.

DVDMS (Drugs and Vaccine Distribution Management System) is a software platform to automate various activities of Directorate General Medical Health, Govt. Of Jharkhand. It comprises of Drug and Vaccine Supply Chain Management that deals with Purchase Order, Inventory Management & Distribution of various drugs etc. Also it helps for managing receipt, Issue, Quality Control, vaccines and other health sector goods that are supplied to States under various disease control programmes.


Payment Online

The Online Payment facility allows you to pay from your account to your suppliers online, real-time.

Quality Process

Quality Process play a crucial role in the manufacturing value stream for Drugs standard measurement.

Barcode & Digital Signature

Barcode provides inventory and pricing information and Digital Signature provides security of the document.


Dashboard Works in real time management information system, visual persentation. e-Aushadhi provides such features.

Dynamic Report

Dynamic Report provide facility to generate report due to intermittent transactions, frequent update.

Alert Management

A utility purposed to broadcast information, managing event based and job based alerts as soon as users login the system.

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